About Us
A Little Info About Us

A Little Info About Us

Pari Lash NY was established in early 2019 to ensure our clients got the best eyelash extensions in NY has to offer, with a refined and perfected technique, using the highest quality Premium Mink and Silk Synthetic Lash while also providing a friendly and relaxed experience to our clients.

We specialize, not only, in the application of Eyelash Extensions with Natural Full/Classic, Volume , 2D and 3D Volume eyelash extension sets, but are also highly trained perfectionists in Lash Extensions industries over 8 years of experience. We pride ourselves in providing a superior experience to clients and the great relationships we have built with our long term customers.

Conveniently located on 309 W 50th Street, 2nd Floor just at the heart of the New York City. It is an easily accessible Eyelash Extension and Beauty Salon for everyone in New York.

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Our lash technicians professionally graft individual eyelash extensions that look and feel completely natural. Eyelash Extensions are the perfect choice for every day wear and are great for all the special occasions like weddings, formals, birthdays, holidays, etc. to look and feel beautiful with longer, thicker eyelashes. With regular refill, you can have eyelash extensions for as long as you want. Available in varying lengths, curls & thickness. Pari Lash NY will tailor your eyelash extensions specific to you to enhance your confidence and look.

Pari Lash NY’s eyelash extensions are individual, long lasting lash extensions, applied and bonded directly to your natural eyelashes, giving you the appearance of longer, thicker and fuller lashes. We only use top quality semi-permanent adhesive for the best long lasting results, that also come with a professional 3 days replacement/repair guarantee, for your peace of mind.

Just like your natural eyelashes, the eyelash extensions come in varying lengths, curls and thickness to achieve your desired look. Your lash extensions will be tailored to you and you can choose from Natural eyelash extension sets as Full/Classic (80 ps)eyelash extension sets for a full natural look or a more glamorous look with our Volume (110 ps), 2D Volume(140 ps) and 3D (180ps) sets.

Natural eyelashes have a cycle of 4-6 weeks and we generally loose around 3-5 natural lashes per eye everyday as part of this cycle. Individual eyelash extensions are grafted to every resting eyelash, so not to damage baby lashes that are still growing. Each set of extensions has the potential to last up to 4-6 weeks with proper aftercare, however you will find that your lash extensions will require an infill at 2-3 weeks, with the replenishment of your natural lash cycle, to keep your extensions looking thick and full.

Why You Should Trust Pari Lash NY for Your Lash Extensions?

Applying eyelash extensions is a procedure that requires an expert with a precise and steady hand. The experienced staff at Pari Lash will be able to provide you with a professional service that will last longer and keep you looking your best for weeks.

Eyelashes are unique to each person. Women with shorter or thinner lashes often turn to mascaras that promise to lengthen and accentuate their natural eyelashes, only to be disappointed by clumpy coverage. Eyelash extensions from Pari Lash in New York eliminates this disappointment with high quality, natural-looking lashes or, will make your eyes pop with think, voluminous lashes.

Once applied, be sure that you follow all of the care instructions because you'll want the lovely eyelash extensions to last.

Before Using Eyelash Extensions

  • Remove any eye makeup/contact lenses.
  • Do not wear waterproof/resistant mascara or liquid eyeliner for at least 48 hours prior to your appointment.
  • Do not tint, perm or curl lashes with a clamp curler at least 48 hours before your appointment.
  • Do not use oil, including oily makeup remover, cleansers, eye cream, sunscreen, and other products near your lashes for at least 24 hours before your appointment.
  • Please disclose any: eye infection, conjunctivitis, sore/swollen eyes, recent laser surgery, etc.
Pari Lash New York

Eyelash Extension After care

  • Keep lashes dry and away from heat and steam for 24/48 hours.
  • Use an oil-free makeup remover, cleansers, face/eye creams, etc.
  • Do not perm or curl extensions with a clamp curler (Heated eyelash curlers are safe to use).
  • Do not use waterproof/water-resistant mascara or liquid eyeliner.
  • Avoid rubbing, pulling, sleeping on, touching, and brushing your extensions.
  • Do not rub your face with a towel; instead, gently blot and allow lashes to dry naturally. *Do not attempt to blow dry your lashes.
  • Mineral makeup, seawater, tears, excess sweating, oily skin, sunscreens, etc., can also affect the bond, so try to avoid or use extra care with these where possible.
  • Daily cleaning is required - we will tell you the procedure.